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LISTEN ALBUM: Where Do We Go From Here?
(2020) © 2019 Alan Crosthwaite

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Album words and music written and composed: Alan Crosthwaite © 2019
Recorded, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered: Alan Crosthwaite
All instruments, programmation and vocals: Alan Crosthwaite

Recorded and written:
Over three year period in Manche, Normandy, northers France.

Technical brief details;
Antelope and Apogee studio interfaces with Universal Audio and other tube outboaed.
Various vintage instruments, guitar, violin, bass and vintahe outboard effects and pedals.
UA 611 Tube limiter mastered with Pultec EQ.

Seeking the edge of beauty and expressing something of the human condition.

I hope you'll enjoy listening here, the album and individual tracks are
available in streaming on all major platformsas well as here on my website.

Alan Crosthwaite August 2020

Alan was born in the north of England in May 1943
Violinist, guitarist and composer, painter, architect and writer,
he now lives in Normandy France with his wife Yumei.

DK UPC: 195542517960

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Thanks to Daniel for photos, to Mark and Gordon for their ears and
encouragement in a project which was three years in the making.



Just took a brief listen to the first two songs. It works beautifully.
Thank you for your gift of music. I love listening.
Cathy (Therapist)

Hi Alan,I think you've done a great job and hope your
CD or MP3 version sells well.

A splendid CD which must have taken a lot of time & effort to produce.
I also listened to your other CD & was greatly impressed with
your command of the violin.
John Whitehead (Musician)

Your music is wonderful...
Anne McCoy (Painter)

Hi Alan, just a fabulous album. A wonderful journey through
Diverse sounds and experiences. A true masterpiece.
As discussed, I’d love three Signed copies in the metal CD case.
Mark Bangham (Businiessman)

Sounds really good !!
I love your performances and songwriting .. w
This is a real opus magnum !!!!
Love James (James Sanger, record producer)

I hear a lot going on in each song, lots of layers and/or moving parts,
all working together while giving each other space. It's like I can
enjoy each element distinctly, or how a couple of them work together,
or the whole, depending on where I focus my attention. Like a stained
glass window, or some of what I get from Bach. Thanks again, my friend!
Love Chad Parmenter. (Professor of Poetry and language)

I have been listening to a strange mixture of music:  partly the BBC
Proms and partly your new songs.  As you well know, I am not really familiar with
American Folk or Indie or whatever it is called, but I must confess to being very
taken with the Soul of a Medical Man, to the extent that I'm finding it difficult to get
out of my head!!  What inspired you to write it?  Was it for your eye doctor pal? 
I also like the title number, but I need to listen again to the others.....
The album cover is great.  Whatever, I hope the orders are rolling in!!
Margaret Maddern (professor of modern languages)

Great work on the CD. Musicianship and production are both spotless, very classy.
I'm enjoying the songs, you've got some memorable melodies.
I find some of them very British in a way.
Paul Doughtey (Nashville songwriter and musician)